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The Awakening Feminine in ActionThe Center for Spiritual Awakening in Pacific Grove was honored to host The Awakened Feminine in Action - Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 6:30pm-9:30pm FOUR INSPIRING FEMALE SPEAKERS - Garden Reception and Global Market Music with Alisa Fineman, Lisa Ferraro, and Ericka Luckett Book Signing for "The Necklace.” Keynote speakers, Patti Channer, Mary Karrh, and Jonell Mclain from the bestselling book The Necklace featured on Good Morning America and People Magazine will be at the Center for Spiritual Awakening along with Rising International founder, Carmel Jud. A dynamic TED Talk speaker raising the question of “How are you best suited to serve humanity”. View Carmel’s TedTalk-Ending Global Oppression of Women


Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. Fundraiser - February 8, 2012 - Patti Channer and Roz McGrath spoke at this members only fundraiser, sponsored and held at Neiman Marcus. A lovely Van Cleef & Arpel necklace from the Alhambra Collection was raffled off and won by Laura (Babb) Grace who was not in attendance although she sent an e-mail that should she win she would like her two sisters Nancy (Babb) Falls & Patty Babb to share the necklace with her and their mother Mary Lou Babb, creating a "mini-jewelia" group!  Patti and Roz told the story of "The Necklace & the experiment that transformed their lives" and were treated to a tour of Charlotte hosted by various members of the Women's Impact Fund.

Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 1 Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 2 Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 3 Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 4 Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 5 Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 6 Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 7 Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 8 Women's Impact Fund of Charlotte, N.C. 9


Annual Fall Festival of the Ladies of Hacienda - October 25, 2011 - Three of the Women of Jewelia, Dale, Nancy and Mary O’Connor, traveled to La Habra to speak at the festival. The event was held at the beautiful Hacienda Golf Club.  After a delicious lunch, the three of us spoke for 30 minutes and our talk was followed by a lively Q & A session.  Following our presentation, we shared Jewelia with several members of the organization and their guests.  The three of us were intrigued by the variety of games — bridge, mahjong and “Head and Foot” — that these women enjoy at each of their gatherings. We so enjoyed meeting this dynamic and interesting group of women.

Ladies of Hacienda 1 Ladies of Hacienda 2 Ladies of Hacienda 3 Ladies of Hacienda 4 Ladies of Hacienda 5 Ladies of Hacienda 6


Womens Fund of El Dorado - September 18, 2011 - Featuring three of the inspirational authors from the National Bestseller book The Necklace. Members and their guests are invited to participate in this annual event while renewing their membership with the Women’s Fund El Dorado. Collectively these women continue to use their unique story of inspiration to motivate and encourage others, all for the greater good. 




Maryland Book Club - August 3rd, 2011 - Thank you Women of Julia for calling our book club in Phoenix, Maryland last Wednesday evening. The ladies were thrilled to have the opportunity to ask questions and hear your voices. We all loved your book and found your group much like ours - sans necklace. We meet once a month at each other's homes and in December we have a Christmas dinner party with husbands invited. What brought our book club together is that we all live in the same neighborhood. Like WOJ, we have come from many different places and have varied life experiences. Our diverse educations and careers makes our discussions quite interesting. Like you, we have become a close-knit group; cheering in good times and holding dear in sad times.


Women of Jewelia

University Village-Women’s Club- Thousand Oaks July 18, 2011 - The true story of The Diamond Necklace will be presented. Jonell Mclain, Patti Channer and Mary O’Connor-Tosney of the thirteen women who together purchased a magnificent Diamond Necklace, will explain how they shared this fabulous piece and how it has changed lives. A book has been written about this unique experiment in ownership and how lives have actually been changed.

University Village Women's Club 1 University Village Women's Club 2 University Village Women's Club 3 University Village Women's Club 4 University Village Women's Club 5 University Village Women's Club 6 University Village Women's Club 7 University Village Women's Club 8 University Village Women's Club 9
WOJ and Casa

4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering - July 16, 2011 - Jone Pence is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) to a foster girl, this year her CASA organization volunteered at the 4th annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering in Ventura.  This year CASA was the beneficiary of the event. The WOJ have volunteered over the's a fun day of sun, beach and classic cars!

4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering 1 4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering 2 4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering 3 4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering 4 4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering 5 4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering 6 4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering 7 4th Annual Ventura Motorsports Gathering 8

15th Anniversary Luncheon- Circle of Friends- June 1st, 2011 - Roz McGrath, Jonell and Patti spoke at the 15th Anniversary luncheon of this great group of women in Ventura. They are committed to supporting each other and planning of fun events. And there's a waiting list to join! We were also gifted with a generous donation to our philanthropy fund.

Circle of Friends 1 Circle of Friends 2 Circle of Friends 3 Circle of Friends 4 Circle of Friends 5 Circle of Friends 6 Circle of Friends 7 Circle of Friends 8 Circle of Friends 8

On May 11th, 2011, several of the Women of Jewelia participated in a Video Conference call, via Skype, with a Women's book club in Sao Paolo, Brazil. - These women met each other through their children at the "International School" and were from all over South America. It was a rewarding experience to connect with these exuberant women who had read "The Necklace" and were excited to connect with us and ask questions about our experiences. Jone Pence opened up her home for the call with Jonell McLain, Dale Muegenburg,Roz Warner, Patti Channer and Mary Osborn participating in the call.

Brazil 1 Brazil 2 Brazil 3 Brazil 4

Book Club held at Rachel Donovan's home - April 11, 2011, in Ventura, CA - Eight women joined Rachel Donovan in her home for what they thought would be another regular book club meeting to discuss the book they had just read: "The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment that Transformed their Lives." Little did the women know one of the other members, Teresa Nunez had a surprise in store for them. She had invited the Women of Jewelia to join them that evening and Jonell, Patti, Roz McGrath and Mary Osborn were attending. Teresa contacted Jonell (Chapter One) through facebook after realizing they taught at the same school a number of years earlier. The book club members had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the Jewelias.


Women of Jewelia meet with the Santa Barbara Monday Club - April 24th, 2011 - This is my thank you note to you and your wonderful group for such a memorable program last Monday. When I initially heard the theme "the diamond necklace" I must confess to some misgivings. I left the meeting, as we all did, inspired by all that you have done - and how the word has gone out around the world. I think of the people in history who have changed communities significantly and now you have all joined that wonderful group. Thank you so very much, Rita.



Open Hearts and Diamond Necklaces By Hedda T. Schupak -The sixth annual Women in the Know conference in New York, presented by the Women's Jewelry Association - The luncheon speakers—all 13 of them—also proved that jewelry is more than the sum of its materials. Jewelry is friendship, personal growth, healing, a bond, self-affirmation, a lifeline, love, and, occasionally, just plain gorgeous fun. The speakers were the women featured in the touching tale of The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives, by Cheryl Jarvis.



Keynote Speakers @ the San Diego Women's Forum - March 1-3, 2011 - The Power of Connection...alive and vibrant in San Diego with collective giving women's foundations from across the country! Inspiring and specialThank you for hosting such a fabulous conference! It was terrific and all your members were so gracious. It is truly a gift to be able to support Women's Foundations & Organizations.




Tea with Jewelia- March 10, 2011 - Hosted by the Assistance League of Ventura County at their Chapter House on Santa Clara and Kalorama Street.






The Yo Yo Book Club & the Women of Jewelia, January 5th, 2011 - On January 5th, four of the Women of Jewelia (Jonell, Patti, Dale and Roz McGrath) gathered at the home of Pam Montagnino in Westlake Village to meet and share the story of the Necklace and a wonderful connection was made. We would like to thank all the women of the Yo Yo Book Club for their generous donation to our philanthropy fund.




San Luis Obispo Book Browsers & AAUW Book Club meet the ladies of the Necklace - Patti Channer (chapter 2) & Mary Karrh (chapter 8) attending a gathering of several book clubs on December 7th, 2010 in San Luis Obispo. The evening started at 6:30pm with some wonderful baked goodies and then everyone joined in a lively conversation about the book "the Necklace" and what has happened since!




The Pleasure of Your Company-WOJ & Friends of Jewelia-December 5, 2010 - Several of the women of Jewelia entertained Billie Baptiste and five of her friends at the perfect holiday home of Patti Channer. A little French dinner ala Julia Child was donated by the Women of Jewelia to benefit the New West Symphony. The dinner was auctioned at a summer party held at the home of Kathy Nishimori featuring Brunch by the Sea with the Women of Jewelia. Jewelia the necklace was named after Julia the chef as an acknowledgment of her role in bringing the pleasure of dining into our lives.



Camarillo Antique Club- November 16, 2010 - 103 years young, Roby attended the Camarillo Antique Club's Event at the Camarillo Arts Center to hear the story of "The Necklace".






WOJ Support the efforts of the $1 Million Women's Education Club/Rochester, New York - November 9, 2010 - A group of Rochester women have come together with a goal to raise $1 million to improve educational services for children with special needs. The women, Elaine Del Monte, Jennifer Sands, Jan August, Beth Anne Napier and Christine Wilson, have formed the $1 Million Education Club and plan to raise the money within the next year for Education Enterprise of New York. The group is looking for women to join by making donations starting at $500. Jonell McLain and Patti Channer of "the Necklace" attended the November 9, 2010 event in Rochester, New York to support the Club in enrolling members.

Kathy Ireland guest of honor at Big Brothers Big Sisters event - November 5th, 2010 - As she received the award, Ireland wore the diamond necklace made famous by the Women of Jewelia, a group of local volunteers who share and use it to help with fundraising efforts. Several of the women support Big Brothers Big Sisters and asked Ireland to wear the necklace. “The Women of Jewelia ... feel that everyone who wears it adds energy to the necklace,” West said. Ireland conceded as the necklace was being removed that “there is something about this necklace, to be sure.”

Big Brother Big Sisters 1 Big Brother Big Sisters 2 Big Brother Big Sisters 3

Turning Point Foundation to Honor “Champions of Mental Health” - August 27, 2010 - Each year Turning Point Foundation honors individuals and groups identified as “Champions of Mental Health.” These champions have spent considerable time, energy and financial resources to help provide services to those who are often in desperate need of mental health assistance and advocacy. This year’s list of honorees includes The Women of Jewelia who are being honored in the area of community volunteers. This is an amazing group of thirteen women. What began as an experiment in sharing resulted in an unexpected adventure and a bestselling book, The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment that transformed their Lives by Cheryl Jarvis.

Turning Point Foundation 1 Turning Point Foundation 2 Turning Point Foundation 3 Turning Point Foundation 4 Turning Point Foundation 5 Turning Point Foundation 6


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